Believe Mission

When she was only nine years old, Elise wrote the following inspirational poem:

Believe in Yourself
By Elise Cerami

Believe in yourself every day, you see…

Y stands for you can do it
O stands for opportunities
U stands for use your brain
R stands for right instead of wrong
S stands for share your ideas
E stands for excellence comes from hard work
L stands for live what you think
F stands for face your problems.

Remember when you believe in yourself—
You become the best you that you can be!

Based on Elise’s powerful poetic message, our mission is to create a positive wave of change in the lives of young swimmers, their families & their communities. We will work to:

  • Encourage a love and passion for the sport of swimming, and support athletes as they work to reach their goals
  • Recognize athletes who demonstrate never-ending curiosity and commitment in the classroom as well as the pool
  • Help young people find new ways to build self-confidence and share their gifts with the world at large
  • Promote increased awareness and ongoing development of life-saving pool safety procedures, tactics, and devices